miercuri, 18 decembrie 2013

VJ Simone Angel

Simone Angel was born in Woerden Netherlands. She moved from there to London, England when she was 18. 
Here she was hired by MTV Europe, becoming the youngest VJ and, after working for nine years, she also became one of the longest serving VJs for MTV. Angel was the host of many different programmes broadcast from various parts of the world, and was also the host of the MTV programme Party Zone & MTV dance, where she presented dance music videos.
As well as hosting shows on MTV, Simone has also hosted various awards shows, such as the Webby Awards and some Extreme Sports Awards. She was also on the jury on the German TV show Popstars. 
Despite of her popularity as  VJ Simone Angle is no strange to Dance music, she release  4 singles in the 90's who were very appreicated  in Netherlands, UK and Italy. 
Now she's working on her music project   with a live band singing various hits


REQUEST Simone Angel : tavi.meran(at)aol(dot)com

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