miercuri, 18 decembrie 2013

VJ Simone Angel

Simone Angel was born in Woerden Netherlands. She moved from there to London, England when she was 18. 
Here she was hired by MTV Europe, becoming the youngest VJ and, after working for nine years, she also became one of the longest serving VJs for MTV. Angel was the host of many different programmes broadcast from various parts of the world, and was also the host of the MTV programme Party Zone & MTV dance, where she presented dance music videos.
As well as hosting shows on MTV, Simone has also hosted various awards shows, such as the Webby Awards and some Extreme Sports Awards. She was also on the jury on the German TV show Popstars. 
Despite of her popularity as  VJ Simone Angle is no strange to Dance music, she release  4 singles in the 90's who were very appreicated  in Netherlands, UK and Italy. 
Now she's working on her music project   with a live band singing various hits


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joi, 13 iunie 2013

Melody - The Voice of the 90's

Melody is one of the best singers of the 90's given her voice for many eurodance project such Adam -Zombie, D.E.A.R - Talk to me, Think of you, Lady Violet - Inside to outside. She also contribute at Jessica Jay album -  My Heart Is Back in 2008.

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Gerald G

Gerald G!, excludes confidence, as he has graced stages for the past five years backing up well known Dance Diva Terri B! and collaboration on his own club records as he prepared for his first solo album in 2012. His mature sexy swag is familiar and special. His voice leaves you wanting more. Gerald G! reached the No.1 spot with his first dance release with DJ Bryce on the Viva Video Charts, his charisma and charm only elevates his well trained vocals and his dynamic stage presence.

Gerald has joined several tours and festivals promoting his long awaited release and it is sure to delight. The 23 year old singer/songwriter is as comfortable with an acapella performance or standing in from on his live five piece band.



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Terri B!

TERRI B! believes that hot music is the only way to remain relevant.  The chart topping dance diva, MC/DJ and Songwriter has one of the most unique and sought after voices in dance music. Solid releases with Cazzette, Roger Sanchez, John Dahlbäck, Henrik B, D.O.N.S., DJ Antoine, Crazibiza and other world class deejays have allowed her to continue her electronic stride. She is a household name in the world of EDM and continues to drop influential, cutting edge music.  Her voice has landed on the remix boards of names like Avicii, The Bingo Players, Laidback Luke and a host of who’s who in electronic music. Her voice is legendary in clubs around the globe. In 2015, she was the first person to top the Billboard Club songs charts twice at #1 and did within three weeks. She is one of only a few who held two songs in the top ten at the same time. Club burner, Big Fun, with D.O.N.S and Blind Heart with Cazzette as a featured vocalist have paved the way for an extroadinary solo career. Blind Heart, which she co-wrote, has collected more than 25 million Spotify streams.

It all began for Terri B! after several successful group ventures, she debuted as TERRI B! in 2009 with Swedish Dj/producer Henrik B on the Joia/Nervous release “Soul Heaven”, hailed one of the best house tracks ever re-recorded and solidly placed her at the top of the club music food chain. Her success in Russia with the single “Heaven” in 2011 left her with several hundred thousand spins, topping the charts at #3 and a household brand in Eastern Europe. She is one of the few selected vocalist invited to share stages on diverse International events with such names as David Guetta, DJ Antoine, Roger Sanchez, Tocadisco, Tiësto, Thomas Gold, with a list is too long to mention. The well rounded artist has enjoyed touring extensively, with tours that included stops at the The Ivy Sydney, The Opera Moscow, The Cocoon (Frankfurt), Mirage (Warsa), Nikki Beach (Miami), The Family (Brisbane) as well as the festival brands, Summerdaze, Bangkok’s Culture Festival,  Donauinselfest (Austria), Love Parade (Berlin) and many more.

The avid songwriter, signed to the prestigious publisher Reservoir/Lifted Music, she has penned music for ATB, Medina, Roger Sanchez, DJ Antoine, Eddie Thoneick, Cazzette, Miss Tara and a host of international pop stars has a distinctive style and flow. Her love for electronic music lead her to create the Soulful Radio Show, “The Housecrunch" in 2006 and as Resident mixer/dj she continues to enjoy Residencies worldwide, with more than 50 international station partners.  

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Benassi Bros feat. Violeta

Violeta is one of the most enigmatic talents on the dance scene.
Born in Bucharest, Rumania, she was awarded the diploma for first solo ballerina at the Bucharest School of Art.

She moved to Italy to cultivate her passion for beauty and to work as a model and actress.

She tried her hand at singing and soon turned up at the Off Limits recording studios in Reggio Emilia. 
After an audition, the Benny Benassi team started working on material for her vocal style and introduced her to Paul French.
Together they formed the BIZ, an exceptional vocal duo and live act whose prowess characterises the amazing albums HYPNOTICA and Pumphonia by Benny Benassi presents The Biz and the hit single SATISFACTION.
Apart from The Biz project, this extraordinary artist also performs on the single I LOVE MY SEX by Benassi Bros. feat. Violeta and Rumania 

Violeta she  will be available soon because it's working on her material in the USA. 

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Benassi Bros. Feat. Dhany

Dhany is one of the most enigmatic and talented singer from dance scene. 
Her success on dance scene came with the project KMC feat. Dhany & the song "I feel so Fine" who has a huge hit in UK dance charts in 2001. 
But her Europe success came with Benassi Bros. Feat. Dhany a project born in Offlimits production 
With this project Dhany release 3 huge hits "Hit my heart"  (cover after JK) "Every Single Day" "Make me feel". 

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miercuri, 12 iunie 2013

Abel Almena

Abel Almena is one of the people most acclaimed and beloved Spanish dj’s. His unique technique and personality on stage created a group of loyal followers that loves the unstoppable, vigorous and touching Abel Almena’s dj sessions. He has a connection to the public not so many dj’s has. He’s the dj that won’t let people down. All his productions has been a hit and reached the top 5 positions of the bests European charts. International dj and artists has supported his creativity on time. He’s a worldwide top seller, a respected international dj and a seal of guarantee.

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